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AT LEAST, S.A. (or Companies in the Group) is the property of the Intropia Gift Card (hereinafter the Card), the bearer is only a holder of the Card. La adquisición y/o el uso de la Tarjeta conlleva la aceptación de estas Condiciones Generales relativas al uso de la misma, que se han entregado en el momento de la adquisición de la Tarjeta y están disponibles en las tiendas Intropia y en la Web

The Card allows the cardholder the possibility of purchasing, up to the available balance on the Card, any garment or accessory that is on sale in intropia shops in the country where the Card was acquired which cannot be used in Intropia shops in any country other than the country where it was acquired. La tarjeta no puede utilizarse en compras online.

The Card must be presented in the Intropia shop when purchasing garments or accessories of our brand and a receipt should be signed which indicates the name and surname and the document proof of the identity of the purchaser.

The Card can be used by the holder to make purchases until the balance is exhausted. If the holder of the Card makes a first purchase of which the amount does not exceed the balance on the Card, the holder will hand over the card to personnel in the shop who will provide another card and a Ticket with the available balance. The available balance on the Card or Ticket will be determined by our information processing system at Intropia points of sale.

If the purchase made by the holder exceeds the available balance on the Card, the difference may be disbursed in cash or by any other means of payment accepted.

The garments and/or accessories purchased with the Card are subject to the same policy of changes and returns as the rest of our garments and/or accessories purchased in Intropia shops. The balance on the Card is not reimbursable, either totally or partially. The payment of garments or complements purchased with the Card cannot be reimbursed in cash.

The holder undertakes to conserve and use the Card correctly and is solely responsible for its use and custody. The loss or theft of the Card will not under any circumstances give rise to reimbursement or replacement.