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  1. Introduction

AT LEAST, S.A. in compliance with Law 34/2002, of 11th July, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, with EU Regulation 2016/679 on Data Protection, with Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16th November, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and with other development regulations, has prepared these Purchase Conditions for the procurement process regarding the items offered in its eShop of the website .

This document (hereinafter referred to as the "Conditions") constitutes a commercial agreement that binds both the User (hereinafter “the Customer") and At Least S.A. (hereinafter “AT LEAST"). These Conditions establish the rights and obligations of the Customer and AT LEAST and EXPRESSLY, CLEARLY, COMPREHENSIVELY AND UNAMBIGUOUSLY determine the identity of the owner of the eShop, the characteristics of the Intropia items, the prices, payment methods, the purchasing process, guarantees, refunds and any other circumstances regarding the purchase of Intropia items.

All Intropia items offered by theeShop, are sold directly by AT LEAST S.A. with registered office at c/ Albasanz nº 15A 1º, 28037, Madrid , Spain, with Tax Identification Number A-80915804 and holder of the Intropia trademark.  

When placing an order, the Customer expressly accepts these Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy and the Legal Notice found on the Website http://www.intropia.comTherefore, if the Customer does not agree with them he(she) must not register, browse the Website, or place any order. These Conditions may be amended by AT LEAST at any time without prior notice; the Customer should therefore read them before placing each order as the Conditions in force at the time of making the order are binding.

Through its eShop, AT LEAST offers Intropia items 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Minors may not place orders.

  1. Registering with the eShop.

There are two ways to make a purchase, one is as a registered Customer and the other is as a guest (they may indiscriminately be referred to as the Customer).

In the case of a Registered Customer, it will be necessary to fill in a form with personal data that can be modified by the Customer to update them, manage their purchases, track orders, check their history, create one or several wish lists, create a personal shopper profile to receive help in purchases, receive weekly news and participate in promotions, among other options. The data that is provided to us will be incorporated into our database in order to process the order and facilitate the making of new purchases in our eShop. Once the registration is complete, the customer can access the private area as many times as he (she) wishes by entering their personal username and password. Upon registering, the Customer may request that the system sign him (her) in automatically by checking the box “REMEMBER ME”. This makes the purchasing process faster by allowing a more direct access to his(her) personal data as prior identification is no longer required to access said information. Automatic sign-in is made possible by means of cookies, in accordance with the Privacy Policy. If the Customer has requested automatic sign-in, AT LEAST will only ask the Customer to identify himself(herself) if he(she) connects to the eShop of the website from a computer other than the one they normally use, or if the temporary Internet files (cache memory and/or cookies) have been deleted.

The email address and password are both strictly personal and confidential and the Customer is responsible for ensuring they remain so. Consequently, the Customer expressly acknowledges that, unless otherwise stated, AT LEAST is entitled to assume that the use of its services and any purchases made using the Customer's account have been made by the registered Customer unless the Customer informs AT LEAST of the theft of his (her) account details by sending an email to  [email protected].

The email and password may be freely modified by the registered Customer by following the procedures established by AT LEAST for such purposes. The old email and password will be cancelled as a means of identification at the same time as the new information is added.

AT LEAST may block access and use of its website whenever it deems this necessary for security reasons, because of fraud or breach of obligations. If the registered Customer mistakenly enters the password, a link will appear to initiate the password recovery process.

For its part, the user who buys as a guest will not have the obligation to register as a customer, but must provide the personal data necessary to make the shipment and, where appropriate, billing, such as given name and surnames, address and telephone number.

The non-response or inaccuracy of the personal data will prevent the user from registering as a registered Customer or as a guest in the eShop. All the personal data that the Customer provides is subject to our Privacy Policy.

Before completing the registration, regardless of whether it is as a registered Customer or as a guest, the user must necessarily accept these terms and conditions of purchase.

  1. Obligations of the Customer.


The Customer must:


  • Truthfully and correctly notify AT LEAST of the personal data required in order to deliver the purchases.
  • Adopt the necessary security measures, both personal and material, in order to ensure the confidentiality of his(her) password, immediately notify AT LEAST of the loss, theft or unauthorised access of his(her) password and account, and in the event of any unauthorised third parties gaining knowledge thereof.
  • Pay for the Intropia items purchased via the eShop and all delivery charges, if applicable.
  • The Customer may not make any fraudulent or otherwise false order. AT LEAST reserves the right to cancel the order and/or notify the relevant authorities in the event that there are reasonable grounds to suspect such fraudulent use.
  • Not to undertake any activity that hinders or otherwise interferes with the operation of the eShop.


  1. Area of delivery.

 Intropia items may only be delivered in the countries in which our eShops are available see countries. In this way, each country will have an eShop which stocks its own items, has its own prices and may have delivery charges which vary. The system will automatically recognize the country of access. If you would like to purchase a product to be delivered in a different country, you must make the purchase previously selecting the country in the corresponding link.


  1. Purchasing process.

The Customer must log into the eShop in order to obtain Intropia items, keeping to hand the following information:

  • Description of the item, reference No., size, characteristics, colour, composition and photograph.
  • Price per unit.
  • Delivery charges.
  • Validity period of the offer, if applicable.

Once the item has been selected, the Customer must add it to the basket by clicking on “ADD TO MY BASKET” and specify the number of units he(she) wishes to purchase of each item, its size, colour, etc. Once the selected items have been added to the basket, the Customer may view a summary of the items selected by clicking on “MY BASKET” at the top right of the page, where a summary of the items selected appears.  If the Customer wants to modify quantities or eliminate items or make the purchase, he(she) must click on "GO TO MY BASKET" in the lower right-hand side of the page, detailing the following information:

  • Intropia items.
  • Description.
  • Quantity.
  • Unit price.
  • Total price for each of the selected items.
  • Total purchase price.
  • Delivery charges.

When the Customer wishes to complete the purchase, he (she) must click on the "CONTINUE" button. If the person making the purchase is a registered Customer, he (she) must provide his (her) email address and his (her) eShop password. In the event that he (she) wants to buy as a guest, he (she) must enter his (her) email address and the necessary data for the shipment of the order.

Next, the Customer will go to "DELIVERY ADDRESS" and "PAYMENT DETAILS" of their order where, in addition to entering the payment information, they can review their shipping details, billing details and modify them. If the Customer has a promotion code or an online voucher he (she) must include it at this point in order to benefit from the conditions and discounts applicable to the purchase.

Next, the Customer will select the payment method among the available options, and must enter the requested data.

To confirm the purchase, the Customer must accept the Purchase Conditions by selecting the corresponding box and accept them by clicking on the "I HAVE READ AND ACCEPT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS" button and clicking on the "AUTHORIZE PAYMENT" button. The Customer will then receive an email in which he (she) will be informed of the data corresponding to the order "Order confirmation". Failure to receive this message could be due to a temporary network communications problem or to a misspelling of the email address provided for notification purposes. In both cases, the Customer should contact us through the email address [email protected].

  1. Currency, payment method and applicable taxes.

The prices will be shown in Euros or Pounds Sterling. In accordance with current legislation, all purchases made in the eShop shall be subject to all applicable taxes. For security reasons, the Customer may not make purchases in excess of 2,000 Euros, nor any order containing over 15 items within a period of fifteen (15) business days. If the Customer wishes to make purchases in excess of this amount or number of items, he(she) can contact AT LEAST's Customer Care Service via email: [email protected].  

AT LEAST, S.A. makes every effort to ensure that the information contained on its website is accurate and error free. If, at any time, an error of this type occurs, it will be corrected immediately.

AT LEAST reserves the right to modify the prices shown on the website without prior notice, but these changes will not affect the price of the orders that the Customer has already made.

AT LEAST accepts payments by credit or debit card (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Maestro, American Express, Diners) and Pay Pal. In accordance with article 37 of Law 16/2009, of 13th November, on payment services, the payment commitment made through a bank card is irrevocable. By providing information about their bank card the Customer automatically authorizes the charge to be made against their card.

All payments are made through a secure payment gateway which encrypts credit card and PAYPAL details. In order to ensure maximum payment system security, AT LEAST uses secure payment systems offered by leading eCommerce financial institutions. To this end, the confidential payment details are transmitted directly, SSL encrypted, to the financial institution in question. For payment with Visa and Mastercard, AT LEAST has introduced the SEC (Secure Electronic Commerce) service featuring 3D Secure international protocol which can be identified by the "Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode" symbols. Secure Electronic Commerce is an initiative which seeks to guarantee security in Internet transactions. By making payment via a secure payment gateway, the system will automatically verify that the credit card is activated for Secure Electronic Commerce.  It will then connect to the issuing bank, which will request authorisation of the operation through a personal authentication code. The operation shall only be effected if the bank issuing the credit card confirms the authentication code. If not, the transaction will be rejected.

As a complementary measure to the “Secure payment” system, and with a view to collaborating in the prevention of Internet fraud, AT LEAST reserves the right to verify the personal information supplied by the customer and adopt the measures it may deem appropriate (including the cancellation of the order) to ensure that the merchandise in question is delivered in compliance with the details which appear in the order.

  1. Shipment and delivery of the items.

The Items are sold and delivered in the countries that are listed on the website ( see countries ). The country to which the item(s) are to be shipped must always be the same as the country in which the eShop used by the Customer to make the order is located.

AT LEAST, S.A. provides its customers with home, as detailed below:

  • Home delivery: Items are shipped via a courier company chosen by AT LEAST. Intropia items will be shipped to the address indicated by the Customer when he (she) placed the order.

The order placed by the Customer will be delivered within the period indicated below depending on the form of delivery. AT LEAST will make every effort to ensure that the service is provided in the shortest time possible (see delivery charges and conditions)

Once the order has been shipped from AT LEAST'S warehouses, an email will be sent to the Customer notifying him (her) that his (her) order has been sent.

The registered Customer can track the status of his (her) order in the "MY ACCOUNT" area within the eShop by selecting the "DETAILS OF THE ORDER" button in "MY ORDERS" and, if the purchase was made as a guest, he (she) can see the order by viewing "MY ORDERS".

For security reasons, AT LEAST will not ship any order to a PO Box number, nor will it accept any order where it is not possible to identify the recipient and his (her) address.

Once the items have been delivered, responsibility for the Intropia items will pass to the Customer from that moment on.

In the event that the order cannot be delivered due to the absence of the Customer, the package will be returned to the central warehouses and it will be understood that the Customer has renounced the content and cannot demand the reimbursement of the order. AT LEAST can, in good faith, reimburse the order to the customer once it has been returned to our warehouses by deducting the shipping and return costs incurred by the shipment not picked up by the Customer from the refund. Should the Customer still want the order, he (she) will have to place a new one.

Delivery costs and time frames will be as stated below:







GLS Standard

4-7 business days

8,00 €


GLS Standard

3-6 business days

9,50 €

Spain (peninsula and Balearic Islands)


1-2 business days

9,50 €


TNT Express

1-2 business days

17,50 €

Standard TNT

3-6 business days

8,50 €


TNT Express

1-2 business days

17,00 €

Standard TNT

5-8 business days

10,50 €


TNT Express

1-2 business days

17,00 €

Standard TNT

4-6 business days

10,50 €


TNT Express

1-2 business days

17,00 €


GLS Standard

1-2 business days

8,00 €

United Kingdom

GLS Standard

5-8 business day

7.50 £

Note: delivery lead times refer to business days – excluding weekends - from the date the order leaves the warehouse. The Customer's order will be delivered within the indicated period from the date the order leaves the warehouse.  

Once the order has been shipped from AT LEAST'S warehouses, an email will be sent to the Customer notifying him (her) that his (her) order has been sent.

The orders will be shipped to the delivery address the Customer provided at the time he (she) made the order. It is therefore important for the Customer to pay close attention when placing the order, as it will not be possible to modify the delivery address details at a later time/date. AT LEAST will not be liable in the event of the delivery address being incorrect or incomplete.

For security reasons, AT LEAST will not ship any order to a PO Box number, nor will it accept any order where it is not possible to identify the recipient and his (her) address.

Once the items have been delivered, responsibility for the Intropia items will pass to the Customer from that moment on.

  1. Problems with delivery.

If the period indicated in the Shipping section for the shipping method selected by the Customer has elapsed without his (her) order being received, he (she) must inform AT LEAST of this.

When the order is delivered to the Customer, he (she) should check that everything is as ordered. If there is any discrepancy or problem with the order, he(she) must notify AT LEAST by sending an email to [email protected] . This email should indicate the personal details of the Customer and the order number, as well as provide a description of the discrepancy or problem. AT LEAST will contact the Customer as soon as possible in order to resolve the matter.

  1. Cancellation, exchange and returns policy.


  • Right to cancel the order.  Right to withdrawal.

Within a period of 14 calendar days from receipt of an order, our Customers may cancel the order by sending an email to [email protected] notifying the cancellation. The subject line for this email should be: Order cancellation notice (indicating the number). The Customer may use the withdrawal form received with the order. Likewise, a withdrawal form is made available to Customers on the Website, although its use is not mandatory. He (She) may withdraw from the contract through an unambiguous declaration (for example, a letter sent by postal mail, a fax or an e-mail).

After receiving the email cancelling the order, AT LEAST will send the Customer an email with the cancellation number. The Customer should write this cancellation number on the delivery note accompanying the Intropia items received. The right to cancellation will be dependent on the Intropia items being returned in the same conditions in which the Customer received them, along with their complete packaging, labels and any other related accessories.  This means that the items must not be damaged or used (the handling and inspection of the items with due care will not be understood as use - For example, the consumer can try on a garment, but would not be authorized to wear it -). If this is not the case, the Customer will be responsible for the decrease in the value of the returned goods and must compensate Intropia for the deterioration produced in them. AT LEAST informs that it does not have a sales channel for used items, so it cannot sell them on.

The only address where Intropia items will be received is at: HANSEN & CAWLEY;P.I. Campo Rossa- C/Buenos Aires, 9; 28806 - Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain.

AT LEAST recommends that the Customer use a secure method by which to send the cancelled order which may be monitored, as the Customer shall be liable for any damages to the Intropia items until they are received at the AT LEAST warehouse. The Customer will meet the cost of returning the cancelled order. It is also advisable that the Customer keep the delivery receipt corresponding to the cancelled order, in the event of possible contingencies.  

If the order is cancelled, we will return to the customer all the payments received, including shipping costs without undue delay and, under all circumstances, no later than 14 calendar days from the date on which we are informed of the withdrawal of the contract.

If the customer only returns part of his(her) order, it is considered that he(she) is not cancelling the order but returning a part of it, so AT LEAST will therefore only refund the amount of the returned products, without including the shipping costs.

We will proceed to make said refund using the same payment method used by the customer for the initial transaction. The Customer will not incur any expense as a result of the refund, except for the return costs that will be met by him (her), so the customer is therefore responsible for sending the package to our warehouses. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we can retain the refund until we have received the goods, or until the Customer has submitted a proof of this return, depending on which condition is met first.

The Customer must return the products within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from the date on which he (she) communicates his (her) decision to withdraw from the Contract.

  • Exchanges and Returns

In addition to the rules on Distance Sale, AT LEAST allows the Customer to within FOURTEEN (14) calendar days from the date of receipt of the order with the exceptions included in this Clause.

For the return, the following requirements must be met:

a) The items must be in perfect condition, in their original packaging and with all the labelling. If this is not the case, no exchange or return will be possible.

b) The customer must send, together with the product that he (she) wants to return, the delivery note that was included in the box, writing the return number that the system provided him/her whith when generating his(her) return.

In order to carry out a return, the Customer must proceed as follows:  

  1. Step 1: If he (she) is a registered customer, he (she) must identify himself (herself) with his (her) email address and password on the website, enter MY ACCOUNT and select "RETURNS". In this section a list of orders placed within the return period will appear. The Customer must click on "REQUEST RETURN" and then select returning it at his (her) expense to our warehouses.


If the Customer purchased as a guest, he (she) must enter SEE MY ORDER by entering his (her) email address and order number and selecting RETURN. In this section the order will appear in detail and he (she) must click on "MAKE RETURN" and then select between returning it using our free SENDING pick-up service or returning it at his (her) expense to our warehouses.  


  1. Step 2: Choose the item(s) that he (she) wants to return and click on the selected option.


  1. Step 3: The collection data will be confirmed and the Customer must choose a refund method (store credit or refund in the same form of payment in which the order was placed). Select FINISH. The system will generate a "return request" email with his (her) options for return.

The fact of processing the return does not presuppose the definitive acceptance of the item(s), since it is subject to the verification of its/their good condition together with that of any accessory related thereto. The processing of the definitive acceptance of the return has an estimated period of 10 days.

Exchanges and /or returns of items of costume jewellery, lingerie, swimwear and tights will not be accepted for hygiene reasons.

The refund will be made in the same method yhat you paid your order (credit or debit card/PayPal). Normally, in the case of payment by credit card, the refund amount is debited at the time of the settlement of said amount. However, in the case of payment by debit card, the refund is made within a maximum period of thirty (30) days.   

The items that have been returned damaged, incomplete, deteriorated, used or dirty for reasons attributable to the Customer will not be reimbursed and said items will be made available to the customer for collection within a maximum period of sixty (60) calendar days. Once this period has elapsed, it shall be understood that the Customer has renounced the item, with AT LEAST being released from any liability in this regard. AT LEAST will not be responsible for the safe keeping or deposit of any unduly returned items while they remain on its premises.

AT LEAST reserves the right to reject any return that does not meet all the aforementioned conditions.

  • Returns due to errors in the order. Defective items.

If the Customer receives an order with an error in the size, colour or model, he(she) should contact AT LEAST by sending an email to [email protected], stating the error and providing all relevant personal details. Once the matter has been analysed, we shall contact the Customer in order to resolve the supposed error in as short a time as possible.

In the event of the article being defective or showing signs of some imperfection, the Customer should contact AT LEAST and sending an email to [email protected]. Once AT LEAST has received the returned goods, the item(s) in question will be thoroughly examined and an email shall be sent to the Customer within a maximum period of five (5) business days confirming the refund or replacement (if applicable).  The refund or replacement of the item shall be made as soon as possible and, in all cases, within thirty (30) calendar days after the date on which the email confirming said refund or replacement was sent, in which case, AT LEAST shall bear all transportation costs of the goods in question. In the event that the item cannot be substituted for another of identical characteristics, the Customer will be refunded in full. Refunds will be made through the same payment channel as the one used to make the original purchase.

  1. Flash sales

These are temporary sales in which we offer items from our previous collections at one-off prices (prices with big discounts).


The offers of the items in flash sales will be valid during the period of days indicated in the eShop of the website Also, these offers are valid as long as stocks last.


The preparation of orders for items in flash sales may take longer than usual, (maximum 7 days).  


The return or exchange of these items can only be made within FOURTEEN (14) calendar days from the receipt of the order and the customer will meet the costs of return. It is advised that the customer keep the order number for any questions regarding the follow-up of his (her) request.


With the exceptions indicated in this clause, the rest of the Purchase Conditions clauses will apply to items acquired via flash sales.

  1. Liability and exemption of liability

AT LEAST will be responsible in accordance with the Law. The provisions of this paragraph do not affect the Customer's legal rights as a consumer, nor his (her) right to withdraw from this contract. The form can be requested from our customer care department [email protected] , printed directly from our website, and can also be requested at our establishments.


Complaint forms are available to the customer in all our stores and at the central offices located in Calle Albasanz   nº 15A 1º in Madrid, Spain.

In the same way, the Customer is reminded that the acquired products have a legal guarantee of two years from the date of delivery. Deficiencies caused by negligence in the use and /or treatment and /or wear and tear due to normal use are not included. To make use of the guarantee within the established legal term of the two years following the delivery of the product, it is essential to present proof of purchase.

  1. Events falling outside AT LEAST's control.

AT LEAST shall not be deemed liable for any breach of or delay in compliance with any of the obligations established in this agreement which may be attributable to events outside of their control (“Force Majeure”).

Events of Force Majeure shall include any acts, events, failures to act, omissions or accidents which may fall outside the reasonable control of the Company, specifically including (but not limited to) the following:

Strikes, lockouts, revolt, invasion or terrorist attack.

Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or any other natural disaster.

Impossibility of using trains, ships, aircraft, motor transport or other means of transport, either public or private.

Impossibility of using public or private telecommunications systems.

Acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions imposed by other governments.

  1. Personal Data.

To purchase Intropia items, it will be necessary for Customers to provide personal data, which must be true, accurate, updated and complete. These shall be processed by AT LEAST for the purposes and during the time described in the Privacy Policy.

The Customers will at all times have the right to exercise the rights contained in our Privacy Policy by sending a message detailing the right he(she) wishes to exercise to the email address [email protected] or by postal mail FAO: Atención al Cliente, Calle Albasanz nº 15A 1º, 28037, Madrid (Spain). 

For more information, please read our specific section regarding our Privacy Policy.  

  1. Partial Annulment.

If any of these general conditions is declared to be null and void, invalid or inapplicable, this shall not affect the validity or applicability of the other conditions, which shall continue to be binding on the parties appearing herein.

The waiver by any of the parties to demand the compliance at a given time of any of the general conditions stipulated herein shall not imply a general waiver to comply with the other condition or conditions, nor shall it create an acquired right for the other party.

  1. Notices.

Part of the information or notification sent to the customer shall be in writing and of an electronic nature and through the website. By using this website, the Customer accepts that the communications will be electronic. For contractual purposes, the Customer consents to use this electronic means of communication and recognizes that all contracts, notifications, information and other communications that are sent electronically comply with the legal requirements of being in writing. This condition shall not affect his or her rights as established by applicable law. Such notification shall be understood to have been received and made in proper form at the moment at which they appear on the website, 24 hours after the sending of an email or three (3) business days from the postmarked date of any letter.




  1. Customer Care Service.


If the Customer has any doubt about the eshop, about items, his(her) order, shipments, returns, or any other communication or doubt, he(she) can contact us in the following ways:


  • by phone on +34 902 808 300 / +34 910 807 778.   From Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00 hours.
  • by sending an email to [email protected] .
  • by postal mail, to the following address: c / Albasanz nº 15A 1º, 28037, Madrid (Spain).


  1. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by Spanish law. For the resolution of any doubts, discrepancies or divergences that may arise in the execution and interpretation of this agreement, the parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of the Spanish Courts. If you are under contract as a consumer, nothing in this clause will affect the rights that are recognized by current legislation.

© Copyright 2018. AT LEAST, S.A. Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid. Registration First Sheet M-133581, Sheet 49, Volume 8283, Section 8 of the Companies Book and Tax Identification Code A-80915804. Version 2018-1.